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Cornelsen Experiment

Kifayat publishers have now come into a partnership with a subsidiary of the cornelsen education group, headquartered in Berlin – known as CORNELSEN EXPERIMENTA. It is one of the leading suppliers and is well known for its production and development of teaching material for the high quality of natural scientific classes and acknowledges the enormous importance to introduce the students to experimental learning in their daily school routine.
They use high quality raw material for the production of teaching aids and all raw materials along with a 2 years warranty for all products purchased and a service of supplying spare parts.


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  • High quality
  • Reproducible results
  • Clear and safe storage of the materials
  • Developed in cooperation with teachers and universities.
  • Short delivery time
  • Wide range of services


The idea is to boost children’s natural interest and encourage them to have fun experimenting. The experimental kits are designed especially for kindergarten all experiments are safe and are explained in detail along with their scientific background outlined in Manual for kindergarten teachers. Through laminated instruction cards students can carry out the experiments using pictures through these cards they get to know the materials and their names.

The red box for primary school provides an educational concept and is suitable for all forms of instruction. It encourages students not only to discover scientific aspects on their own, but also to understand what they learn. All of the materials and experiments are designed in such a way that they can be performed in the classroom and are fail-safe. Each box contains manual and basic information for the teachers.


The experiments are designed in such a way that it motivates students to perform basic experiments on their own and can also develop their own experiment procedures. The materials, as well as manuals and teachers handbook are perfectly coordinated with each other. The box contains all of the materials required and the order system guarantees that experiments can be set up quickly. Each science kit can be used on its own.