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Kifayat Publishers has gone into partnership with Finken Publishers Germany. The ultimate focus of FINKENs work is retaining childrens interest. Together with committed teachers and educators, they have been developing learning materials for more than 60 years now, their products help you to train the children entrusted to teachers professionally, methodically and socially. The best-known product of FINKEN is their LOGICO learning board which is distributed in more than 40 countries and in many languages, including English, French, Chinese, Korean, and more.


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  • Clearly designed
  • Easy to handle and self-explanatory
  • Promotes independent learning and confidence building
  • Offers various possibilities for differentiation
  • Methodically and didactically well-structured
  • Well thought-out and practical storage systems
  • Stimulate children to engage with the subject matter
  • Promote learning that is based on knowledge and is effort-controlled
  • Provide a well-balanced offer for individual learning as well as cooperatively in work groups


The LOGICO PRIMO range is well suited to children 4+ to 5+ years of age. It includes six coloured buttons on the board so each learning card has six problems to solve.This range is designed to teach colours, shapes, observation, sequencing, visual perception and counting, to name a few. The cards are made from durable card and are laminated to protect them from spills and tears. They are available in sets of 16 cards providing plenty of challenges for growing minds. The cards are self-explanatory and generally do not require the game player to be able to read.

The LOGICO PICCOLO range is recommended for children 6+ to 7+ years of age. The board includes ten coloured buttons making for more problem solving and an increased challenge. The PICCOLO range assists with school and reading readiness and includes mathematics, logical thinking, sequencing, map reading skills and many more. Once again, children can check their own answers by referring to the reverse side of the card.